Summary | 概要

When we started our company "Bow's Surf" in 2008, there no foreigner's surfing guide or instructor in Bali under formal license in Indonesia. Lots of procedures, qualifications, money and time were required. Furthermore, there was much difficulty, because we were the first one. Though it was not easy, luckily now we are supported by a lot of local and foreign people.
Bali is so wonderful place especially for surfers. We want to share our luck and want to enjoy surfing more and more together. Please feel free to ask and use our connection or resources. Yes, we are surfers.

2008 年に Bow's Surf を設立した当時、インドネシアにはまだ、外国人で正式な認可を受けてサーフィンのガイドやインストラクターを行う人は誰もいませんでした。インドネシア国から正規の認可を受けるために、多くの複雑な手続きや資格所持証明、資金、そして時間が必要でした。さらに、認可取得後も、初の外国人ということで周囲の認知度はゼロ。非常に多くの困難が待ち受けていました。本当に大変なこともありましたが、幸運にも私たちは色んな人々に助けられながら、今日に至っています。今では、多くのローカルや外国人たちが私たちを助けてくれます。

Facility & Service | サービスと設備

We will offer various services or facilities for your purpose, pax or budget.

[ Accomodation | 宿泊 ]

There are so many accomodations in Bali. We are checking lots of them especially around Canggu area. Tell me your camp's detail, pax, purpose, budget, or needed facility. In consideration of all of them, you can book the best accommodation.

[ Training | トレーニング ]

When you need some training facilities or training menu, we will offer. In Bali, there are lots of gym or yoga studio, pool, and meny exparts trainers often visits Bali from all over the world. We can offer the facilities, or ask our nice and experts friend to support us.

[ Transport | 送迎 ]

Transport from/to airport, or car charter is also available.

[ Surf Guide | サーフガイド ]

When you need surfing guide to choose the best best spot, please ask us.

[ Meal | 食事 ]

Warung, restaurants for daily meals or some parties, catering or delivery service, lunch box... We offer good meals for you.